The Block-and-Plank Bookshelves.


“We listened to rock and roll, smoked hand-rolled cigarettes, and ate until we burst. Finally, we’d sit on the porch and watch the sun drop below the horizon. That was a comfortable house.” Continue reading


Old Style Sit Down Dinners, Snacks & Fast Food.


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Mother always grimaced when Dad decided to fix Pinapple Upsidedowncake. Cleaning the baked brown sugar out to that crusty iron skillet was nearly impossible, and she’d get stuck with that dirty work. Continue reading

The art of giving presents.


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“Not too many years back, my son gave me a plumbing fixture for Christmas. I often chuckle when I take a shower, just thinking him and that particular gift.” Continue reading

A view from the rim of the great canyon.


It was so splendid and overwhelming, but humbling, too. The countless layers of sediment that had been built up and, through the ages, tilted and jumbled by shifting geology, then cut away again by the relentless river.  It was an inspirational sight, and I thought I … Continue reading