Connie and the Unger Clan.

Connie Neyman Unger, 2007 Family Reunion

Connie, pictured here at the 2007 Neyman Family Reunion, will add photos of her project and family, along with a few notes about what they’re up to.
     To tide you over, here’s a wonderful shot of her husband, Sandy, who just turned 75. He had successful hip-replacement surgury about the same time, so he could probably argue that he’s 10% newborn, therefore only 67 1/2 years old. Sandy, the marvel of a physical specimen that he is, is back out on the trails of Northern Arizona on hikes, and playing tennis virtually every day.
     They live in Sedona, Arizona — red rock country — which is full of breathtaking views and mysterious hikes. Sandy is what is probably called a trailmaster, but lately has mostly taken to exploring the canyons, grottos, and hidden indian cliff dwellings for his own enjoyment. Connie, meanwhile, has become the family’s newest master craftsman, installing new hardwood floors, drywalling their living room, and even doing a complete bathroom remodel.

Sandy Unger, Just Turned 75.


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