Family Buzz.

News about and from the various branches of the extended clan.

There are several items here that appear when you hover over the “Family Buzz” heading, and each of them should be of interest. The Cousin’s Book Online is a version of the family directory we published for many years. It has been very hard to keep current with so many people in transition — young people going to college, and oldsters retiring — but we can keep it up to date IF you send information. The password to the The Cousin’s Book is Captain Charles Atwater’s middle name.

Feel free to add information to any of this through the “Comments” feature.


2 thoughts on “Family Buzz.

  1. Hey there!

    This is your cousin Cathy – your Uncle Rand’s daughter. I stayed with your mom and dad (Roz and Bob Neyman) in Huntington Beach, CA in the summers back in 1974-1981?

    I’m on facebook if you search for “cathy kasper”.

    Love to reconnect and know how everyone is doing!

    Cathy Smith Kasper

  2. Hey everybody!! So I saw that there wasn’t much family buzz so I thought I’d add some. I am currently in China. I’m about done with the 7th week out of 9 studying Chinese. Its been a little rough with all the homework but I definitely think my Chinese has greatly improved. As far as non-school business goes the shopping’s great here, massages are cheap, and Chinese food is awesome! I think I’ve become addicted to Chinese bubble tea. While it sounds weird to have tapioca, tea, and milk combined together, its so awesome! Anywhos just thought I would let you all know what was happening. How is everyone else in the fams doing?

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