The St. Vincent-Schwartzberg Connection.

Kathee, Bernie, Robert, Steven and the New York crew live in White Plains. Here are a few tidbits, with hopes that more material will be available soon for posting.

Connie Neyman Unger and Kathee Neyman St Vincent at the Grand Canyon, 2008(?)

Kathee, Eva Sedlak, Eva\'s friend Brigit, and Shirley Atkins.






Kathee\'s youngest son, Robbie Schwartzberg, and cousin Lisa Neyman at a family reunion in 2007









The top photo is one of Kathee St Vincent with her sister, Connie Neyman Unger (on the left), at Grand Canyon about 2008. Connie lives in Sedona. Next is a photo of Kathee, Eva Sedlak, Eva’s friend Brigit, and Shirley Neyman Atkins. Above, Kathee’s youngest son, Steven, is shown with cousin Lisa Neyman (Roy Neyman’s daughter) at a family reunion in 2007.


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