Tidbits and news from the various families:


San Francisco Park, by Bill Neyman

Bill Neyman’s Blog (Dec 12, ’07) — Cousin Bill is, apparently, an excellent photographer, and he has a whole series of great photographs on his blog, which can be found in the Blogroll sidebar on the front page of News From Knobstock. Among other things, he has included photos of the Bob Neyman Memorial Party, but his forte seems to be scenic and artistic shots, like the one above. His site takes a password, though, which can be found inside the Cousins Book On-Line next to his listing.
     We’re hoping he’ll give us permission to use some of his photography here.

The Who’s-who Section (Dec 11, ’07) Take a look at the extended family trees included here and see if you can make sense of it. We’re always undecided how to organize it and welcome your input. There is probably a formal way to indicate generations, adoptions, and divorces, and it makes sense to do it that way if someone can pass on the information.

More and More and More Tittmans (Nov ’07)Kay and Bernie Tittmann have increased their lead in the race to have the most third and fourth generation kids with the addition of two more, noted in the Online Cousins Book. That makes 21 grandchildren. Whew!
     Kay also passes on the word that their son, Brian, has joined the Roman Catholic Church and has taken on the name of Brother Louis (pronounced Louie) Marie of the Infant Mary. We’re not sure, exactly, how that works, but you get the general idea.

Family Members Found (Dec ’07)Pat Neyman caught us offguard with the news that she has located a son, Scott, who she gave up for adoption many, many years ago. Here’s an excerpt from what she wrote in November:

     ”We have added to our official family– my ‘son’, the baby I gave up for adoption 45 years ago when I was 21, and his two children, thus making me a ‘grandmother’ (or maybe I am a grandmother3 and a mother2.)  They are Scott Cinnamond, wife Sukanya, and kids Westin and Sonya.     
     “Scott’s birth father, Phil Wood has always regretted not having had the family he could have  had– he has no other children, either…. We saw each other erratically, for dinner, getting to know each other gradually.  Phil is the owner of a company you may have heard of, Ten-Speed Press.  Got to know his wife, too. 
     “Eventually Phil hired a detective, who located Scott through his birth record, since we knew where and when he was born. Then Phil found out that he may not have too long to live and that galvanized him to finally contact Scott, who brought his family out a couple of weeks later.  We first met on Nov 10, 2007, and they stayed in Berkeley for 10 days instead of the 3 they originally intended to stay. 
     “Scott has Phil’s physique and my mouth and eyes– the resemblance to Phil is astounding.  However, he reminds me of some of my own relatives, namely in the Bob Neyman family….  We haven’t met Scott’s Mother and Dad yet, but that will be next probably.  He says their family is open to embracing us.  It is a small family and first thing you know they might like to meet some of their other relatives!
     “I don’t know how many of my cousins know about that baby I had and gave away in 1962.  It will certainly be news to some of them.  My mother [Betty Neyman] didn’t want anyone to know about it.  She and my Dad tried to get me to go into an unwed mother’s home — basically they were worried that someone that knew them would see me in my shameful condition.  (Remember this was 1961– things were a lot different then with respect to these things.)  Fortunately, I was mainly out of their reach in California instead of back in Washington, D.C. 
     “Had I stayed in DC instead of coming out expecting to get married, I certainly would have been forced into a Home.  As it was, I found a job and worked the entire time I was pregnant, and went back a couple of days after the birth to continue working there.  Spent quite a bit of time with Phil in those days, but we mutually agreed we didn’t want to get married.  And I didn’t want to raise a child alone – and had no skills, anyway, with only 1 year of college under my belt. 
     “I made the decision that the baby would be far better off with a good stable family (or maybe I just wasn’t ready to be a Mother, or didn’t want that kind of responsibility), and long before the birth date I had already made the arrangements with Children’s Home Society.  They picked Scott up from the hospital and he was to go to a foster family for a short time until placed with his adoptive family.  His parents are teachers in a small JC.
     “So there you have it, a new addition to our family tree

Pat Neyman and the Cinnamond Family

Please note that all new family members have been inserted in their proper and rightful place. RSN


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