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“I was floating on the Nile in a barge with Cleopatra by my side .. until you poked me!”
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Looking Back: Gonzo Football


“Why do you play?” my neighbor asked, watching me gingerly limp up the driveway, heading for the medicine cabinet and a hot shower. “Because I still can,” I replied. Continue reading

The art of giving presents.


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“Not too many years back, my son gave me a plumbing fixture for Christmas. I often chuckle when I take a shower, just thinking him and that particular gift.” Continue reading

The First Street Foursquare: Goin’ Semi-Rural in the Pacific Northwest.


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About the Chief Correspondent.

Russell Neyman 2006

Where does one begin to tickle the elephant?” I love that quote, and use it often. It seems particularly appropriate here and now, as I begin this endeavor.

I’m a fifty-something man of far-ranging interests. If life is a canvas, I intend to leave this life having used up lots of paint and a scene that is inspirational and insightful. I have done so many things and witnessed so much; but I haven’t even scratched the surface.

After living in California for virtually all of my adult life, I have decided to relocate to the Pacific Northwest, probably Olympia, Washington. In some respects, I will start life anew. I hope to buy an old house that I can reshape and refreshen my lifestyle, finish a couple of books I have in the works, and make new friends. I’d like to build a small sailboat, too, and there’s always the possibility of finding somebody to rub toes with on a cold winter night.

A few of my passions: My son, woodworking, and baseball. Alex (now 20) is a wonderful person, and I often say that “when I grow up I want to be like him.” I discovered woodworking about 22 years ago and think that there’s nothing more worthwhile than taking a piece of a tree and giving it a new life by turning it into a keepsake box or a bowl; now that’s my idea of a day off! Baseball is a beautiful, poetic dance with a rich tradition; it has been a large piece of my life for nearly four decades, and I am decidedly old-school.

And all of these themes are colored by a life of spirituality, family, and a sincere desire to make a difference. So, how does one connect it all in a blog?

Check back and leave Comments. Lots to be posted.

— Russell Neyman, Chief Correspondent.

Alex Neyman, his father Russell Neyman, and grandfather Bob Neyman, about 1996

Pictured: Alex Neyman, then 12, with father Russell Neyman, and grandfather Robert Neyman. The temporary eyepatch was worn after a mild stroke. This is obviously out of date (taken about 1996) but it’s an interesting photograph and one of our favorites. For an updated photo of Alex, look in the Neyman page.