The Mystery Atwater Sister.

By Russell Neyman. Here is a story about my great-grandfather’s family, the Atwaters of Lockport, New York. Charles Nelson Atwater is the subject of a pending book I have written under the working title of “Shadows of the Mast.” Based on his diaries and 12 years of research in the lives of Charlie and his United States Naval Academy classmates, it chronicles “the life and times of a young American Naval Officer” in the 1880-1805 era.

Jennie Fay Atwater

Jennie Fay Atwater

Charles’ father, James, both mayor of Lockport and Superintendent of Schools. His mother, Jane Taft, was a schoolteacher and aunt of William Howard Taft, who was to become President of the United States.

The article contained in the link below, which was written by the Lockport Historical Society and published in THE LOCKPORT JOURNAL, briefly summarized each of his family.

What’s news here, and of significant interest to me, are some details about Jenny, the only surviving sister. Two other girls died in infancy I have always suspected she had a mental or physical deficiency because in all of CNA’s letters and notes the family made a point of always keeping a watchful eye on her and never leaving her alone. In the photo provided by the LHS she appears to be normal.

This article confirms that she never married and died young.

I would like to learn more about her.




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The Ultimate Punishment for Boston Marathon Bombers: Oblivion.


Image by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe.

The two young men who obviously* set bombs in Boston this week maiming innocent spectators and terrorizeingAmerica don’t deserve to be remembered in any way, even as condemned criminals. As refugees from a worn-torn nation, they came here and were granted asylum, given an education, and lived a of liberty. So, this is what they did in return for their freedom? In my book, that’s a complete betrayal.

 They aren’t worthy of our consideration and have no place in our society. I propose that we condemn them to anonymity; please join me in never speaking, writing, or publicizing their names again.

(*OK, I understand that they are “alleged” to have committed these crimes, but in this case even an armchair attorney can follow the evidence backward from culmination of the chase: boat shootout, carjacking, photos taken on the race day, etc. It’s abundantly clear that they are the ones who did this.)

I encourage all of you to share this thought and encourage participation.

–Russell Neyman