Shirley, David, Beth and Sarah Atkins.

What they’re up to! More photos and blurbs to come, hopefully. For now, you’ll just have to live with this picture of Shirley (in her best famous novelist pose). We have a wonderful photo of Beth in her graduation gown, but can’t get the darn thing to upload.

Shirley Atkins about 2006 

The ones below were taken at the Neyman Family Reunion, held in Port Townsend, Washington in September. Pictured, top to bottom, are: Shirley and her daughter, Beth, talking things over on the front porch of the 1900 Army Housing Duplex we rented; David Atkins, who works for the Forestry Service; Shirley’s and David’s oldest daugher, Sarah, who has the world’s best smile; Shirley, taking it all in from her perch on the stairway at the house. Photos by Roger Neyman.

Shirley and Beth, Neyman Family Reunion 2007

David Atkins, At Neyman Reunion 2007

Sarah Atkins, Best Smile on the Planet, 2007 Reunion

Shirley Neyman Atkins, at Family Reunion 2007


One thought on “Shirley, David, Beth and Sarah Atkins.

  1. Shirley,I love you old friend, it’s Erlinda. Ah the internet, this all started because for many months I have had your Dad on my mind so today I finally googled him. I saw that he passed in 2005.
    This will be quick…”novelist”…I want to hear all about just EVERYTHING.

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