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“I was floating on the Nile in a barge with Cleopatra by my side .. until you poked me!”
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Looking Back: Gonzo Football


“Why do you play?” my neighbor asked, watching me gingerly limp up the driveway, heading for the medicine cabinet and a hot shower. “Because I still can,” I replied. Continue reading

The art of giving presents.


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“Not too many years back, my son gave me a plumbing fixture for Christmas. I often chuckle when I take a shower, just thinking him and that particular gift.” Continue reading

A view from the rim of the great canyon.


It was so splendid and overwhelming, but humbling, too. The countless layers of sediment that had been built up and, through the ages, tilted and jumbled by shifting geology, then cut away again by the relentless river.  It was an inspirational sight, and I thought I … Continue reading

The Eagles Have Returned to Yukon Harbor.


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By Russell Neyman. There are mornings when I feel especially connected to Old Colby and the morning rituals that date back hundreds — more likely, thousands — of years.  The place simply sings.  I feel like sharing what things are like here this … Continue reading

The First Street Foursquare: Goin’ Semi-Rural in the Pacific Northwest.


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You can see downtown Seattle from the front porch, but you’d thing you were in the middle of nowhere. Continue reading