Jock Talk.

Odd Pro Football Fact— Here’s an obscure tidbit that might win a tavern wager: The team that originally became known as the Kansas City Chiefs were one of the original American Football League franchises in 1960 and, in fact, were originally the Dallas Texans. So, you can drop a bet that the Texans football team existed nearly 50 years ago.

NL West Player Swap– For those of you who follow baseball, a trade between rivals in the same divison, especially in the midst of a heated pennant race, is unheard of. The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, who are two teams fighting for the same playoff spot, inadvertently swapped high-salary pitchers within the last few days.
          Here’s what transpired: David Wells, a 3-million dollar pitcher who started 22 games for the Padres with mixed results, was suddenly released two weeks ago, seemingly signaling that the Padres were looking for better starting pitching. Meanwhile, Bret Tomko, another millionairre righthanders who stunk up the place as both a starter and middle reliever all season for the Dodgers, was let go, too.
         Inexplicably, the Dodgers claimed Wells, and the Padres signed Tomko. Not technically a trade, but still the two players swapped places. So far, Wells is 2-0 for the Dodgers and Tomko has pitched three shuthout innings for San Diego. It’s possible these two will face each other opposite uniforms somewhere down the line. Should be Interesting.

Hang It Up, Barry— Is there anyone who isn’t tired of the Barry Bonds horsecrap, especially now that he’s “the greatest home run hitter of all time”? OK, the guy can swing a bat; but we want our sons to hit like him, not be like him. He blames the media for all the negative publicity he gets, but the truth is he’s just as much responsible for the circus atmosphere as the reporters. All of American wants to put all his garbage and attitude — the sullen interviews, the lack of hustle, the self-proclaimation of greatness — behind us.
           The truth is, he hurts his team. He feels that he’s so great that he doesn’t need to run out fly balls or make an effort on defense. He gives umpires a sullen look any time a strike is called, as though his self-proclaimed greatness transcends the boundaries of the strike zone. 
          There’s something so sick and unsettling about watching him play. Even the Dodgers fans want the Giants to drop him so that we can get back to a quality rivalry. Please retire, Barry, so we can enjoy baseball again.

LA Trojans– Who says Los Angeleans don’t have a professional football team to represent them anymore? They’ve got USC, don’t they?


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