The Ultimate Punishment for Boston Marathon Bombers: Oblivion.


Image by John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe.

The two young men who obviously* set bombs in Boston this week maiming innocent spectators and terrorizeingAmerica don’t deserve to be remembered in any way, even as condemned criminals. As refugees from a worn-torn nation, they came here and were granted asylum, given an education, and lived a of liberty. So, this is what they did in return for their freedom? In my book, that’s a complete betrayal.

 They aren’t worthy of our consideration and have no place in our society. I propose that we condemn them to anonymity; please join me in never speaking, writing, or publicizing their names again.

(*OK, I understand that they are “alleged” to have committed these crimes, but in this case even an armchair attorney can follow the evidence backward from culmination of the chase: boat shootout, carjacking, photos taken on the race day, etc. It’s abundantly clear that they are the ones who did this.)

I encourage all of you to share this thought and encourage participation.

–Russell Neyman