Max Huss, with his growing family.

Max, Emily, and Mason Huss

Emily and Max, with the boys, Archie (left) and Mason (right). Looks like Mason wasn't interested in family photos on this particular day.

Mason. Note the T-Shirt, which is more of a label than a slogan. He's a good kid, though.


My favorite photo of young Archie, with a Calvin/Hobbes smile. The blue ice cream cone didn't stand a chance.

Dressed for Halloween last year.

Maximillian Huss, who lived with his mother and me for about six years, was married last year. He and his bride, Emily, give birth to second son, Archie, who is all wiggles and mischief. Mason, now five, is pictured below with Max as a newborn with a huge head of hair..

Mason and his tadpole brother, Archie, a while back. These two sure are different from each other! Mason is thoughtful, and Archie is a cloud of dust.

If my former stepson has a child, I suppose that makes me a “grandfather once-removed,” right? Max is in the Air Force Reserves and works as a real estate appraiser in Southern California. He’s grown up to be quite a young man.

Max, Emily, Mason and Archie now live in La Jolla, California. He does appraisals part time, but also works for a major shipping company. His new contact information is in the password-protected directory on this site. RSN



One thought on “Max Huss, with his growing family.

  1. I just googled my 16 year old’s name and found this. Funny and interesting that there are 2 people with the name Max Huss in this world since neither name is that common.
    Anyway – congrat’s on the birth of your son from Iowa.

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